Tag: web page template

Tag: web page template

Doodlekit Comes With A Built-In Template Maker

Doodlekit free website builder comes with a template maker in its toolbox of online design tools. This allows users to pick and edit templates from Doodlekit’s template library, make their own templates, and share templates they design with other users. Some of its most notable new template design features are as follows:

Header Design Tool – Doodlekit allows you to upload your own images to create a banner or logo in your header. Uploaded images can be cropped, resized, flipped and rotated. If you choose to upload more than one image, your banner or logo will become a slideshow.

Background Textures & Patterns – Doodlekit allows you to pick a pattern from their huge library of background images to use with different sections of your website. You can alter and tweak the colors of these backgrounds to match your color scheme.

Fonts & Icons – Doodlekit has a vast collection of icons and fonts you can use throughout your website. You can change these on demand.

Border Effects – Doodelkit comes with a unique new tool that allows you to add border effects to different sections of your website. Things like torn paper edging, wood trim, stitching, etc.

Layouts – Doodlekit websites now have different layout options. You can have no sidebar pages or pages with one or two sidebars. You can also have a footer bar.

The best way to check out these new tools is to sign up for a Doodlekit website. The free version comes with all the design tools available for you to try out yourself.