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  1. Square Enix should qualify the title of a Final Fantasy VII Remake that is episodic

Considering the elaborate names that have come to have some of the iterations of Kingdom Hearts, it might seem that Square Enix is marking a tasteless joke with the remake of Final Fantasy VII. He’ll bring a tail. I believe that six months after its launch and, above all, with the reservation period already open, it is moderately problematic that it is not specified that this is a first part, namely how many.

What comes to us on March 3 is called Final Fantasy VII Remake, when the only thing that could ever be called that is the compilation of the whole project once it is finished. And this generates several problems, some present, and other future. The current one has to do with the promotional campaign of the game, which does not point out that this is episodic in any image; in fact, you have to read up to the third and last paragraph of the official description to find things like “Abarca hasta” or “this first game.” You won’t read episodic, but you will learn things like “independent title.”

  1. The colors of Mutazione you hugging you until you lose them

Mutazione is an intriguing title. A granddaughter goes to visit her grandfather on an island that has long been affected by an accident that has mutated all its inhabitants. These are sometimes humanoid creatures, geometric forms or amorphous that seem drawn from an hour of adventures or beings between the human and the animal. The video game is mounted as a graphic adventure, but it is instead a conversational adventure; it is a journey around the island to be told about the family, what it is to be old age.

The most exciting thing about the game is to walk around the island and listen to its inhabitants speak (with all their words translated into Spanish), to read in the sandwiches te text how they tell us their lives, their small achievements, and their failures. Little by little, we introduce ourselves as one more into your strange society.

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best game in your second round

After the video of The Last of Us Part II, with half the community of the video game returning to the world of Joel and Ellie thanks to their arrival at PS Plus, the undersigned, which is very particular, has decided to return to Red Dead Redemption 2. It is in this second round, without the pressure to know what will happen and without the marquee of those who like to be the first to post pictures of what will come on social networks, when I am finally discovering the greatness of the game of Rockstar.

The best thing about the second round of Red Dead Redemption 2 is that you can finally be who you want to be, and 100% focus on living your adventure. You’ve already enjoyed all the spectacular cinematics, and you’ve lived all those moments of outlaw life that, whether you like it or not, you have to experience to pass the game. You know the brilliant story and all its recesses, so it is now, in this second round, when you can expand your horizons and decide who you want to be or just what you want to do.

  1. Mundogamers and MGPodcast launch their Patreon campaign: we need you to continue

Mundogamers is an independent digital video game magazine that is counted as one of the most veteran Spanish-speaking magazines. Since the year 2003, its drafters intend to provide the information under a different lens than usual, giving absolute importance to the figure of the author, and by prefacing the opinion concerning other types of content. During all these years the magazine has been able to function at a professional level thanks to the support of advertisements and advertising campaigns of a very different kind, holding the pull as it could.

The monetary support was descending with the passage of the years, and Mundogamers has had to reduce its budget and equipment, but the illusion and the desire of wanting to continue to offer a different content between the media of video games in Spain have remained with us until the last day. Unfortunately, advertising has not only been reduced but has completely disappeared, and in the previous year 2018, the magazine has not received a single contribution by these methods, making it difficult not only to gain but also to survive. That is why we ask for your help.