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There has probably been a lot of debate about the best or the top casino games because different people have different temperaments. I might like blackjack because I can count cards, but you might like slots because you don’t have to think about what you’re doing. But some games are too awesome not take note of them. In this post, we’d be focusing on them.

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Best Online Casino Games

Today, many of these games are online. The availability of casino games online has brought about massive casino games selection, better chances of winning, bonus offer, and the ability to play anytime you want. Here are examples of the five best free casino games.

  • Slots (Mega Moolah)

The Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming launched on the 28th November 2006, is one of the most popular jackpot wheel slot games. It is an African themed progressive slot. It holds the Guinness World Record for being the biggest slot win. This five reels three-row video slot has 25 paylines, and new players get rewarded with 15 free spins.

  • Blackjack (American Blackjack)

The American blackjack is one of the most popular iterations of blackjack games, and you can play it for free at most online casinos. In this variant of blackjack, you need to make use of the basic rules of blackjack to be the best. This variant of blackjack (the American blackjack) is played with six decks making it difficult for card counters to count cards. It also has a generous 3:2 payout when you reach 21 and loads of casino bonus.

  • Roulette (European Roulette)

European roulette is one of the fascinating casino games played worldwide. Despite that, no brick and mortar casino would offer it free to play. But online casinos would allow users to play roulette for free; you only need to register. There are no deposit or payment card required. Most online casinos offer this variant of roulette with RTP of about 97.3% and a house edge of 2.7%.

  • Video Poker (Jack or Better)

There are so many online poker games you can play for free at online casinos, but among the most popular is Jack or Better. Jack or Better otherwise known as Draw Poker, is the most basic video poker as you only need to hold a hand of Jack or Poker to get a payout. The rules of the game are pretty much simpler where anyone can play, learn, understand and become more experienced.

  • Bingo (90-Ball Bingo)

Last but not the least we have the free 90-ball bingo game, which is one of the casino games available at online casinos. The 90-ball bingo is one of the bingo games players would have to buy numbered bingo tickets for in other to play. Then a caller would call out the numbers randomly. If the numbers called appears on a player’s ticket, he or she would daub them or cover them. The first place winner is the person who covers any one line pattern. The second-place winner is the person who covers two line patterns. The full house winner is the person who covers all three lines on the ticket.


Top Games for Casino Beginners

As a beginner who wants to play casino games, we do not recommend all the games. If you’re going to have fun in an online casino and you have no experience in casino games, you should start with slot, bingo or roulette. These games do not require skill, and you can have fun without worrying about how to play.

However, before you register at the casino that suits you best in terms of games, we encourage you to check the Terms and Conditions section. Here, you’ll find all the information about bonuses, wagering requirements, time limits, and how much each type of casino game contributes towards the bonuses.

The T&C section will also explain which payment methods you can use to claim all types of promotions. For example, many online casinos exclude e-wallets, like Skrill and Netteler, from casino bonuses. The best way to ensure that platforms that deserve your attention is to check whether they are reputable and licensed.

You can get more from their games, especially when you make a first-time real money deposit. When you do, don’t forget to use the welcome casino bonus that will give you free slot spins or double your deposit money for free. These free spins can help you win big, but note that most of the bonus casinos would give you comes with wagering requirements you must meet before you can cash out. Here’s a list of 10 top games for casino beginner:

online casino games

  1. Blackjack Craps
  2. Video poker
  3. Slots
  4. Baccarat
  5. Pai Gow poker
  6. European Roulette
  7. Three card poker
  8. Spanish 21
  9. Caribbean stud poker

In conclusion, picking the right casino game for yourself depends on what type of player you are. If you are a newbie that wants to get into the iGaming market, slots, bingo, and roulette, are what you can focus on because there aren’t any strategies. If you are more experienced, progressive jackpots, blackjack, and poker will be more relevant to you. Whichever type you are, never forget to check for a promotion that boosts your experience. Claim the no deposit deal in a casino or get the exclusive welcome package, as the one offered at Kosmonaut Casino because some extra cash or spins can never hurt your play.