Entertaining Free Games

Zero boredom with these free games that are usually paid for – One more week, we review the best games for our mobile phones that we can enjoy for free. You don’t have to pay a single cent for this bunch of Free Android games that would usually be paid for. This week with exciting titles, and they’re going to make us think a little bit more of the bill.

Video games can be the best way to spend the days too hot, a little beach is beautiful, but there will be days of this vacation where you want to be safe from the heat of the sun. We offer you ten free and online games for the PC. With them, you can spend many hours of fun at zero cost. We have gathered proposals from all the most common genres to try to get all our readers to find something they like.

If you have an iOS device like an iPhone or an iPad, you can also enjoy excellent free games, which would typically also be paid for in the App Store.

  1. Free games Android, Catherine the Vampire

No doubt, a game with a high narrative load. It is a classic adventure, it is only necessary to see the different scenarios where it develops, and its lateral perspective, so typical of the eighties and nineties. It is undoubtedly a game that has its strong point in its history, and why not, also in an excellent setting.

  1. Horror Mystery 2019

A title that, as you can imagine, plunges us into a somewhat distressing atmosphere. But in reality, although the setting is grim, and reminds us of their 3D graphics to those Another World Post vectors, it is a game full of puzzles, in the style of the classic Myst. In this game, which at the moment is on the Play Store in an innovative way and tests, he proposes, above all, many puzzles to solve to be able to advance at each level.

  1. LASERBREAK Renegades

This Laserbreak is already a classic of these weekly lists, and it is thanks to the different deliveries they have given us. It is a series of physical games; in which we have to use the laser beams correctly to be able to surpass one by one the different levels. No doubt an entertaining game that will make us think a lot.

  1. Into the Sky

Another game of coconut. In this case, we also play with light beams and lasers. The mechanics, saving the distances, also reminds us a little to that of The Talos Principle, having to move different elements so that the beams of light reach the correct switch that passes us to the next level.

  1. The hunt for Lost Treasure

This week the selection of games offers us a series of very classic cutting titles. This is the case with The Lost Treasure Hunt, which also reminds us of Myst. In this case, especially in the graphic section, which is full of excellent illustrations, which show us in detail a world of great beauty.