Tag: doodlekit usages

Tag: doodlekit usages

Doodlekit Comes With A Built-In Template Maker

Doodlekit free website builder comes with a template maker in its toolbox of online design tools. This allows users to pick and edit templates from Doodlekit’s template library, make their own templates, and share templates they design with other users. Some of its most notable new template design features are as follows:

Header Design Tool – Doodlekit allows you to upload your own images to create a banner or logo in your header. Uploaded images can be cropped, resized, flipped and rotated. If you choose to upload more than one image, your banner or logo will become a slideshow.

Background Textures & Patterns – Doodlekit allows you to pick a pattern from their huge library of background images to use with different sections of your website. You can alter and tweak the colors of these backgrounds to match your color scheme.

Fonts & Icons – Doodlekit has a vast collection of icons and fonts you can use throughout your website. You can change these on demand.

Border Effects – Doodelkit comes with a unique new tool that allows you to add border effects to different sections of your website. Things like torn paper edging, wood trim, stitching, etc.

Layouts – Doodlekit websites now have different layout options. You can have no sidebar pages or pages with one or two sidebars. You can also have a footer bar.

The best way to check out these new tools is to sign up for a Doodlekit website. The free version comes with all the design tools available for you to try out yourself.

Make A Website For Your Sports Team!

Some of the Basics of a Doodlekit Sports Team Website

From little league baseball, to middle aged adult softball that is just for fun, Doodlekit is a great web builder and hosting turnkey solution for you as coach or parent to have your own sports team website. You do it either all by yourself, from top to bottom, from picking a domain name, to using our template wizard to give your site the sporty look that belongs only to your team. You don’t have to do it all yourself either. Doodlekit offers you administration privileges so you can give anyone from parents, students, and team members access so that they may help out. If you are skeptical that you can build your own team website, we challenge you to sign up for our Free builder and see for yourself. You will be surprised by how easy we make designing and building something without having to write a single line of code. With this said, here are a few selling points:

Easy to Make Header Images of Your Team: Our template wizard is so easy to use that if you just want a simple team website, all you have to do is take a digital picture of your team, download it to your computer, and use our user friendly tools to upload this picture straight into your main header image. It is as simple as logging into your Doodlekit, going to the main “Settings” menu, clicking on the “Change Header Image” button, and uploading your team picture straight into your site. If you want, you can even use our header image editor to rotate the image, enlarge it, shrink it, crop it, or even fade it out or turn it black and white. Alternatively, you can make your team picture a background, should you desire to limit your main header to your team’s name and logo.

Use Your Team Site to Collect Dues and Sell Team T-Shirts: Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to go around collecting cash and manual checks from team members, their parents, or guardians? With Doodlekit, you can build your own team shopping cart and require all dues be paid online through PayPal, via credit or debit card. On top of this, you can set things up so that you never have to keep an inventory of team t-shirts or ball caps again. You can use third party vendors to print all of your shirts and caps, manage inventory, and even direct ship to your team members and their fans. A company like cafepress.com makes it a piece of cake to sign up, design your own team gear, then put it up for sale through your Doodlekit shopping cart.

No more printing and handing out team schedules: Through Doodlekit’s tools, you can put all of your team’s schedules and practice times on your team’s website. That way you never have to print and hand out schedules again! If anyone wants a printed paper schedule, they can go to the site and print it themselves!