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When it comes to web solutions, Doodlebit has dabbled in a wide variety of projects. From simple website designs to custom web based applications, we can just about build anything you need. Below are link to samples of our work:

Doodlebit - a web design & web solutions company Your already looking at a great example of our work – https://doodlebit.com. This site, of course, was created using our Doodlekit online website builder tool.
Doodlekit is our signature product – an online website builder & content management tool.
Doodlekit Demo Website
Doodlekit demo website This is our demo website that shows off our latest Doodlekit layouts. The website’s design is always changing but the content remains the same!
SitePoint CSS Web Design Contest
SitePoint CSS Web Design Contest Entry SitePoint threw a web design/CSS contest for the best website to sell their book “Principles of Beautiful Web Design”. This is our entry.
Heathbits - freelance web designer & web developer This is a resume & portfolio website for Heath Huffman, a freelance web designer and web developer.
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Benjamin Kittrell Resume Website
Benjamin Kittrell - online resume & portfolio This is a resume & portfolio website for Benjamin Kittrell, a Ruby On Rails web developer.
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AMA-Dojo - a business website made with doodlekit This is a small business website we created for a Martial Arts school. AMA-Dojo wanted to be able to blog, have forums, and post lots of photos to their website.
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GEI Development
GEI Development - a custom business application made with doodlekit This website was custom developed for an engineering firm to help them keep track of the contaminants they release into the atmosphere when processing liquid waste.
Johnny Wraith Stories
Johnny Wraith Stories - short story website made with doodlekit Doodlebit built this website for an author who wanted to post his short stories online. Johnny Wraith is a writer who likes to share his stories with others and get feedback from his readers.
Tall Matt’s Travels
This is a blogging website we created for Tall Matt – a world traveler. Matt quit his job to go vist countries all over the world and keeps his friends and family updated about his adventures through the online blogging tool we created for him.
Garbage Burrito
Garbage Burrito - A Web Developer Blogs His Experiences. This is another example of a blogging website we created. It is about a web developer’s experiences using Ruby on Rails and running his own business.