Building Your Own Conference Website

If you are in the business of providing conference or event planning, hosting, or consulting, you likely can’t get away with not having a website. Conference websites are a must in your line of work. And likely, if you are reading this article, you either don’t yet have a website, or the one you do have either costs you too much in web development fees, or your web building tools are inadequate, or hard to use, or both. We are convinced that Doodlekit can help you build a do it yourself conference or event website that is easy to learn and use, affordable, and you never have to write a line of computer code. You can now start with us or fire your expensive web developer and sign up with us. After all, aren’t you sick of having to pay way too much for changes and additions to your website that never get done on time? If you don’t believe our claims that we are your self-serve turnkey solution, we invite you to sign up for a Doodlekit Free Plan and try us out. There is no commitment on your part and you can delete your site any time you desire. We never get a whit of your financial information. You’ll likely quickly surmise, within just a few hours or even minutes at the helm of your own Doodlekit, that creating a fully functional, professional conference or event website is possible. And you can do it yourself without knowing much more about computers than how to follow instructions, use a keyboard and mouse.

We think that you’ll be initially quite impressed if you start with our header design tools. Once you’ve provided us a confirmation email address and we’ve replied back, you’ll log right in using the email address and password you provided and confirmed, you’ll find yourself on your own ‘Home Page.’ Just click on the red button at the left top: ‘HEADER IMAGE,’ and follow the instructions on our menus which pop up. If you upload more than one image from your desktop, in just a few easy clicks you’ll have a header image converted into a slideshow of the images you have selected. Just like that, you’ve created a classy presentation of several of the events or conferences you have planned, hosted, or consulted. If you continue clicking on the red option buttons, links, and admin tools, you’ll quickly find that selecting the font style, font color, and font size of the various elements of your event or conference template is a piece of cake. You can upload images and videos of the work you’ve done into your web pages or blog. On top of this, should you desire to go with one of our paid plans, you’ll get even more options, like a domain name which matches your conference or event hosting business, a form builder which helps you build a form allowing your clients to submit event and conference planning and hosting RFQs directly to you, not to mention your ability to set up a shopping cart by which to manage your billing and collections.