Affordable Website Building

A cheap website builder does not mean a cheap looking website full of compromises. We, the owners of Doodlekit, are proud to cry out praise for the amazing product we have created over the years. It has taken us much toil, sweat, and sleepless nights, and while we like to think proudly of our creation, we really owe the success Doodlekit has become to you. You are the Doodlekit user, the customer we have spent our careers working with. Because of you, Doodlekit is what it is today. You are smart, capable, great entrepreneurs, artists, and bloggers. You aren’t always programmers, but we are. Over the years, those like you have taught us what a website customer really wants. You want to be in control of building your own website. You need a cheap website builder because money does not grow on trees. You need your site to be attractive and the tools for creating web pages, blogs, and forums, easy and user friendly. You need to be able to select your colors, your website layout, exactly how you want it all to look and feel. You want to be able to take a video or picture with your smart phone, and have it published on your website instantaneously. If you want to sell a good or service, you need to be able to build and manage your own shopping cart. Your social media buttons need to all be in the same place. This is a lot to ask from a cheap web builder, but what you are asking for is reasonable and possible. It is reasonable because as professional programmers, we want our websites to do all the things you want yours to do. It is possible because we have already built it, and it works!

Finally, we like to believe we’ve created not a cheap website builder but a quality website builder. By quality, we mean cost effective and of great value in more than just monetary terms. As we’ve said before, Doodlekit was entirely built by programmers who have always been customer focused. We know what the customer wants in a do it yourself web building package. In our former careers, if the customer wasn’t happy with our web support, we weren’t doing our jobs. Customer first! Give the customer the website they want, not what you think they should get. Additionally, we like to believe that because only programmers were involved in Doodlekit’s original concept, ground up construction, through what we offer today, we offer something purer and more user friendly than would a web builder whose design had been influenced by the typical MBA type that had never had any real coding or end using customer service experience. So maybe we shouldn’t even say cheap web builder in the same sentence with Doodlekit? We are the Rolls Royce of website makers, and our hosting is top notch too! But, all in all, if you dispute any of our claims, or disagree with us, we’ll give you a free website. Wait. We already offer that!