Looking For A Restaurant Website Builder?

What’s on your restaurant website? Let’s see what’s on the menu

Once you’ve chosen Doodlekit as your restaurant website builder and host, you have to build your website, either from top to bottom by using our template wizard, or by at least starting with one of our many templates for which you’ll select your color scheme, and then populate it with images, text, and perhaps even videos. Nevertheless, these are just the construction formalities. This does not take into consideration the sales pitch you need to make to your prospective new customers. And when these hungry, hopefully soon to be first time diners land on your home page for the first time, you only have a few seconds to appeal to their appetites. You can’t yet make this appeal with tastes or smells. The technology for such things is not in wide use yet, though one day soon anything is possible in this fast-moving Internet world. Instead, you must appeal to your customers’ appetites through their eyes and ears alone. For the purposes of this article, let’s stick to the eyes. And as a side note, even though there is audio capability in the videos you’ll be posting on your restaurant website, we’ll leave appealing to the ears out of the equation for now. Why? Because we believe websites are often best presented only visually at first. Good website building is often predicated on the simplicity of mostly static visual presentation alone. Too many moving pieces or sounds thrown at those browsing your site, without their first consenting to them with a click, is just not considered appropriate in many web developing circles. Many whom surf websites find too much interactivity thrown at them to be offensive or simply more than they wish to handle. Often, they will think too many moving parts equal danger, like viruses or pop ups. So, in our opinion, if your prospective customers like what they see on your restaurant website, they can click on your embedded videos to hear more. Perhaps they want to watch and listen to your premier chef as she shows you how the signature dish of your restaurant is prepared. Nevertheless, it should be their choice to watch this presentation.

Your Doodlekit restaurant website builder lets you show your customer what they want to eat

Back to seeing is believing, and the idea you must use your restaurant website to appeal to your prospective diners’ appetites through their eyes, we believe your header image most likely can’t go wrong if it shows the most delicious entree on your menu. Remember, you have just a few seconds to sell your food when first time visitors arrive at your restaurant site. You are in the business of selling delicious entrees. That is what your return customers are buying. So, to put a picture of your most delicious entree into your main header image, all you have to do is a few simple things. Take a digital picture of the best selling item, or entree, on your menu. Email it to yourself, download it to your computer, and use your Doodlekit website tools to upload the image into your restaurant website header with just a few clicks! Doodlekit makes it simple. You can cut, crop, rotate, fade out, and customize the image with our tools until it looks perfect.