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Local small business web design can’t forget social media

In most cases, a local small business makes most of its sales in the city, county, or even the neighborhood in which it resides. A grocer will often sell most of its fresh produce to those living within a five mile radius, and a restaurant is just as likely to do the same. The diners it seats every day don’t usually live very far away, unless you are located at the crossroads of an interstate highway. Even in you are in the business of providing oil changes and rotating tires, styling hair, baking cakes, or even buying and selling used clothes, most of your business comes from local sales. This is why your small local business must have a website builder containing design tools which help you integrate social media. Why? In short, social media is one of your most important and effective sales and marketing tools. What used to work for your business does not work so effectively today. In the past, a good yellow pages ad, a coupon campaign, or even a radio ad provided incredible ROI to your local small business. This just isn’t quite the case any more. Look around. How many people are reading newspapers or flipping through thick yellow pages books, or even listening to the local radio in their cars or in their homes. Definitely not as many people per capita as there were turning the dials or flipping the pages even five or ten years ago. People are inexorably bound to their smart phones and their laptops. If they want to find your small local business, or restaurant, or auto service station, you better have built a website at the minimum. Else your prospective customers’ smart phones won’t even find you in their web searches, unless you happen to be indexed on the web. But this is not our chief point. We are assuming that you are already aware of your need for your local small business website to be built for the first time, or even rebuilt using a better web builder and hosting company like Doodlekit. Given this assumption, we just want to emphasize how important it is for your local small business to generate as many sales as possible, which includes making sure your website is effectively connected to social media.

Doodlekit makes it simple to tie your local small business website to social media

One thing is axiomatic. With a few cuts and pastes, Doodlekit’s web building tools make posting all your social media buttons on your site simple and fun. As a result, from one place, you can manage all your social media interaction, which for you is really no different than managing your sales and marketing campaigns in your area or neighborhood. We need not get into the technical details. You’ll see there are few of them to master. Using our social media tools is a piece of cake. For this reason, all we feel we must do in this article is emphasize just once more why your local small business must be actively engaged with your local social network, i.e. your customers. We’ll make this point by first asking you to think about how many of your current customers use Facebook. A lot of them, huh? Now think about how many of their friends are locals, just driving distance to your place of business. Now imagine you are friends with a number of your current customers, so that every time you have a sale, special, or a promotion to offer they see it on Facebook. And if they like what you are offering enough to ‘like’ you, or post about your business, how many local new customers, as well as current customers, are likely to get the news. Hundreds? A thousand or more? And it costs nothing. Now are you sold? It couldn’t hurt to just try and see if using Doodlekit’s webbuilder to tie your small local business to your customers and prospective customers via social media works. Why not see just what a little free advertising might do for your revenues?