Hair Salon Websites Are Easy To Make With Doodlekit

Hair salon websites are simple to create using Doodlekit. If you own a hair salon and need a website, we have everything you need in one simple tool. Here are some ways to use Doodlekit to make the perfect website for your business:

Before And After Photos

Take photos of your clients and customers before you service their hair and afterwards. Upload those photos to your Doodlekit website using the image uploading tools. Once uploaded, you can insert those images onto a page showing and explaining the difference between each.

Hair Style Image Galleries

With Doodlekit, you can make multiple image gallery pages. Create galleries for each major hair style you cut and service. Insert images of your clients into these galleries so that future prospective customers can you see how well you style and cut those hair styles.

Online Shops To Sell Your Hair Products

Every salon has hair products they sell. With Doodlekit, you can not only sell those products in your store, but you can sell them online as well. Take photos of each product and upload them into your Doodlekit store. Once there, you can provide a description of each product, offer options (like size, quantity, color, etc.), and provide a price. All products can then be added to a visitors cart and checked out via PayPal. PayPal takes regular credit cards – no PayPal membership required to use it.

There are lots of options when it comes to building a salon website using Doodlekit. Try out the free plan for yourself and see if you like it. If you do, you can upgrade at any time.