Doodlekit Can Be Used To Create Attorney & Law Firm Websites

If you are a law firm or attorney looking to make a legal website, Doodlekit is a great lawyer website builder to use. We host several attorney and law firm websites created through our tools. Here are some usage scenarios on how Doodlekit can be used for creating legal websites:

About Us

Create a page that talks about your firm or practice, its ideas, standards, and values. Explain why people should consider using you for their legal needs.

Lawyer And Attorney Bios

With Doodlekit, you can create a page for each lawyer in your law firm. Each page can contain photos of that attorney, as well as descriptive content the shows their work experience, areas of practice, bar admissions, education, etc.

Practice Areas

Create a page for each practice area your attorneys specialize in. Describe what each is, when you might consider contacting a lawyer, and how you or your law firm can help.

Contact Us

Doodlekit allows you to custom build forms that can be used to gather information from a potential client. Things like their name, phone number, email address, and a description of their legal issue or problem. Once filled out and submitted, that data is emailed to you or your firm, as well as stored in our database so that you can download it in spreadsheet format if you want.

Doodlekit has lots of options and can easily be used to create a lawyer website. If you are looking to create something like this for yourself or your firm, give us a try. We offer free plans so you can try out our tools before you upgrade.