Non Profit Website Design Using Doodlekit

Doodlekit provides non profit website design and hosting for free. We work with to create free charity websites for valid 501(3)(c) organizations. Doodlekit websites can provide non profits with just about all the tools you need to successfully run your business.

Free Non Profit Website

Doodlekit provides non profits with a $14 a month voucher to use with your website. That makes the Simple Plan completely free! If you want to upgrade your website to the Business Plan or the Advanced Plan, you can do so and still use the $14 a month voucher to get a discounted website.

Non Profit Website Hosting

All Doodlekit websites come with hosting. That includes non profit websites. Hosting is free and is included with all plans for all websites.

Non Profit Website Templates

With Doodlekit, non profit organizations can use any of our templates for their website. You can also tweak any of them and modify their website design to make a custom template of your own. If none of our templates meet your needs, you can make your own from scratch or use our template wizard to make a custom template.

Non Profit Website Design

Not only can you make unlimited templates for your non profit website, but you can add website design features like custom header images and backgrounds. You can use multiple images to make a slideshow header banner. There are many ways to add unique design elements to your Doodlekit website. Sign up through today to qualify for your $14 a month voucher and give it a try!